Is there a cost for participation?
It all depends on what you are signing up for. Please call the Senior Center at 781-447-7619 for details.

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1. Do I need to join in order to use services at the Senior Center?
2. How old do I have to be to be considered a Senior Citizen?
3. Is there a cost for participation?
4. My parents live in Whitman and I live out of town. Can I work with someone to get services into their home?
5. Can I come to the Senior Center any day for lunch?
6. Where can I apply for Senior Housing?
7. Is there any help for me with my real estate property taxes?
8. I am having trouble with my health insurance. Is there any help available to me?
9. How will I know what activities are going on at the Senior Center?
10. I am unable to leave my home, but I need some help. Can someone come to my house?