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1. I received my motor vehicle excise bill, however I no longer have the vehicle. Do I have to pay the excise bill?
2. I no longer own my own business, however I received a personal property bill. Am I responsible for paying this bill?
3. I received my real estate bill and the previous owner’s name still appears on the bill. When will the previous owner’s name be removed?
4. When a property is sold the Assessor’s Office receives information from the Registry of Deeds with the new owner’s information. The legal owner’s file is then updated by the Assessor’s Office and the
5. I received my Actual Real Estate Bill and the assessed value of my property seems to be much higher than it is worth in the current market. How do I dispute the assessment?
6. I have private trash collection, how do I file for an abatement?
7. Do you accept credit card payments in the Collector’s Office?
8. I tried to pay my bill online after the due date, however I was unable to do so, how do I pay online after the original due date?
9. What is the address and telephone number for the deputy collector?
10. How much does Whitman charge for a Municipal Lien Certificate?